Apr 13, 2018

Side Effects

I knew there could be side effects. But to tell you the truth, I like how everything turned out. Amy is a cute redhead now, but just a couple of minutes ago she was my friend James. Her mind was still male, and she couldn't stop begging to turn her back. "Please, this is weird" she said. But I was not going to do so in the near future, she turned out perfect, I just love girls with red hair.

"Please, I am getting all these weird thoughts in my mind" she said. "What do you mean?" I asked her. "I know who I used to be, and I just feel awkward knowing I have no... thing... and that I have breasts... and my long red hair is annoying" she explained. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it" I replied. "I don't want to get used to it, I want to be a man again" she demanded. "I'll tell you what, give me a blowjob, and I'll turn you back". Her cute face started turning red in anger, "you look so cute when you get mad" I said mockingly.

She took a deep breath, and her face went back to normal, although I started noticing something in her eyes.

"How are you doing that?" I asked. She didn't answer, I felt entranced by her eyes. And then it happened. I was looking back at myself. "What happened?" I said with Amy's cute voice. "I am a guy again" James, from my former body said. "Wait? how did we swap?" I asked. "Swap us back" I demanded. "Only if you give me a blowjob" James said. I couldn't believe he was now the one in charge. I tried doing exactly what he did, but had no luck, I couldn't swap us back.

"I have the potion to transform back into a man" I said and tried running to the kitchen where I had hid it. But James was strong and faster. He grabbed me, and touched my breasts. That sent a bunch of pleassure through my whole body. I still wanted to turn back, but I loved the feeling. "Back when I was Amy, I was getting conflicting thoughts, I wanted to be a man again, but I was getting aroussed just looking at your male body. I am sure you are now feeling the same way. I am just giving you a little help to make up your mind" he whispered in my ear as he reached my pussy and pressed it with his index and middle finger.

I just couldn't concentrate anymore, I wanted him inside of me. "Ok, you win" I said and grabbed his hand as I guided him to my very own bedroom.

I took off my clothes, and jumped on bed, possing for him. I didn't even want foreplay, I just wanted him to fuck me. "Come on handsome, what are you waiting for?" I asked with the sexiest voice I could come up with. He unzipped his pants and joined me. I knew it was James in what used to be my body, and it was certainly weird to be having sex with my formerself. But that was an advantage, I knew exactly what that body liked. I rode him like a whore. I still remember how good it felt having his thing push my vagina open, and slide all the way in. "I won't give this away. Not now not ever!" I yelled as we both came.

I continued dating James... well, my formerself for a few months. But we eventually broke up. He wasn't that great in bed after all, which in turn left me single. I started dressing more sexy, and taking walks through the park, I hope one day I meet the man of my life

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