Apr 30, 2018

Teen Body Swap (Seventh annual writer's round)

     I can't believe I got body swapped with a teenager. I never imagined this would happen to me. When I wet all the other writers at the Wreck Room I knew I was in for a surprise. Meeting all the people I had chatted online with for months was what I thought the highlight of the evening was I in for a surprise. 
    I got here kinda early I had driven cross-country to get here and was looking forward to a week in California. Monday night was the party I planned on going and then taking in the sights the rest of the week. What I hadn't planned on was the 16 year old sitting in the corner sipping on a Diet Coke count the people as they walk in. 
     Amanda as I found out her name or my name is now. thanks to her learners permit. Amanda had been sent a cryptic letter a few weeks back continuing a one use body swap spell and a note reading that she was to use it on Monday April 30th on the 6th person that walk though the doors at the Wreck Room and your deepest wish will be granted. Somehow the mysterious sender knew Amanda's desire to be a man and thought even if it's a hoax she couldn't hurt to try. 
     So upon walking in to the Bar I feel disorientated and swapped place with Amanda. The words on the scroll disappearing in my hands as I gain my eyesight again. I look for my old body and I see it walking out the door. I run off to the restroom to get a better look at myself. I walk to the mirror and take a selfie. Now I wonder if one of the other transformed girls is willing to buy me a stiff drink or at least give me a lift home later tonight. 

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