Apr 4, 2018

Baking your cake

I stand in the kitchen humming shaking my hips as I mix the batter for the cake. Suddenly I hear you walk in through the door and I turn around to give you a smile.

"Hey sweetie, you weren't gone long," I say with a giggle

'"Well I think I came back at the right time, " you flirt back

i giggle again and think to the reason why I was making this cake. Not only was it your birthday we were celebrating,but the one year anniversary that had changed our lives forever. A year ago on your birthday you were in love with our friend Sarah who only saw you as a friend and nothing more. This was pure torture for you and you wanted nothing more than to have her as yours. You made a wish that your friend would finally be your girlfriend and by some unseen force, your wish was fulfilled....... though not exactly the way you had wished. Instead of interpreting it as Sarah the wish had chosen me to be your girlfriend. I had been taller than you before but at that moment my height slipped down to five inches shorter than you. My hair became extremely curly and flowed out of my head to shoulder length. Two sizable breasts soon formed on my chest as my face became more beautiful and feminine. Finally as my penis became a vagina, my body developed simply perfect curves with my most prominent feature being my plump booty. Though I tried to fight it, i couldn’t help but feel unconditional love for you. True I had already loved you but that was as a bro and this was different. I wanted to be there for you as your loving girlfriend. So here we are today after a total wardrobe and moving in with you and our relationship couldn’t be any stronger

”You know that was really naughty of you to slap your handprints on my booty earlier,but.....I guess I forgive you” I tell you while flirtatiously shaking my ass.

” You should know though...... that this cake i’m baking isn’t gonna be the only one you get tonight babe”

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