Apr 13, 2018

This isn't me

"This isn't me, this isn't me" I keep repeating. The man was holding my left hand, and touching my waist. "I want to be a man again, I have to find a way back" I told myself. "You are so beautiful" he said to my ear, and kissed me on the neck. I felt goosebumps. I know he just bought me at an auction, and he doesn't know who I used to be. "I promise you I will make you the happiest woman alive" he said. "That's the thing, I don't want to be a woman" I thought.

He then handed me less revealing clothes. "I know what you are thinking. What kind of man buys his new wife?" he said. I non chalantly smiled. "But I see it this way, I didn't buy you. I bought your freedom, and all I ask in exchange is one date, that's it. If things doesn't work out, you are free. I'll even give you 100k to start a new life" he proposed. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, he was willing to give me away. "Sounds like a plan" I said.

Anyways, he took me to dinner, where we talked for hours. And I hate to say it, but I was enjoying it, and laughing at his jokes. When he asked me if I wanted to go home with him, or leave. I didn't even hesitate, I told him I wanted to go home with him. I couldn't believe what I was saying but I think I really like him.

Too much of my surprise, I ended up having sex with him that very same night. I even grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts. I just loved the feeling. We continued dating, and sleeping together. And one day, he popped the question. I eagerly agreed to marry him. My former male persona seemed so far away, I really felt like a woman. I stopped dying my hair, I think I look sexier as a brunette.

The day of our wedding, while being fully dressed for the ocassion, I found a note hidden inside the piano. It was some kind of instruction manual. I started reading it, It had lots of steps to follow, but step 5 caught my eye. "5. Your new wife might not find herself willing to be with you. Give her the sense of freedom, make her feel like she has a free choice to either be with you, or leave." I realized then that everything had been a ruse. I was somewhat upset. My fiance walked in and saw me holding the manual. He was paralized. I looked at him, I no doubt had an angry face. But I took the manual and ripped into pieces. I was ready to get married.

I kissed him and said, "this is the best thing that has ever happened to me"


  1. I'm a little angry with the boyfriend I really thought his intentions were always honest n///n

    but I think he achieved his mission.

    I hope you at least be good to her and treat her like a good wife :)

    1. Well, yes, he is quite evil. All that time was mind conditioning, he was taking his time to break her. But at least she is happy as his wife.

  2. Replies
    1. Nope. I just like some unexpected endings. The whole deal of the story was that her desires were changed through time.