Apr 18, 2018

An older girlfriend

Being a 24 year old guy still living with his parents was not ideal, but it was even more displeasurable when my eighteen year old younger sister had her friends over. This was especially true of one of her friends chad who she had previously dated. I was happy when they broke up but quickly filled with dread when I found out they decided to remain friends. Chad had an incredibly rich family and grew up thinking that he was better than everyone else. He got whatever he wanted and would smart off at me whenever he saw my own home mind you. No matter how much I tried to get rid of the guy, it was no use, my sister wouldn’t ditch him.

one day he was over the house and Was being his usual jackass self. He was the only guy there with my sister’s group that day so he was shut out of the room while they did girl stuff. Meanwhile chad was walking around and saw me “planning on moving yet Sammy,” he asked mockingly. I really hated when the little shit called me Sammy. “Are you planning to stop using your daddy’s money?” I retorted. His expression changed as that phrase was the only thing that seemed to irk him. 

“You know,”he said, “I’ve always wished that one of my friends had a hot older sister to fulfill a fantasy of mine” I was puzzled at him randomly sharing this with me. He continued “ and I’ve never really liked you with your piss poor ive studied a bit of the arcane arts and what’s written here can fix both my little problems. He pulled out a piece of paper that had something written in a weird language. When he read it, a chill shot down my spine as a harbinger of what was to come.

To start my hair darkened from blonde to an unnnatural red and tied itself in a messy bun on top of my head. I felt my body jerk downward as my height was drastically decreased from six foot to 5’2 and my bodily features became more petite in nature. This included my shoulders narrowing and my arms and fingers becoming smaller. It was then that my jeans started getting tighter around my roundening butt before my dick was squeezed into my groin with my balls to form a vagina in its place. At this point my waist had taken on a more pronounced hourglass shape as my face femized to that of a very cute girl and the glasses I was wearing altered along with it. My shirt shrunk to a small red tank top that properly displayed the enormous EE bazookas that exploded from my chest. Suddenly I didn’t hate chad anymore, but rather had unwavering love for him and proceeded to make out with him right on the spot.

my sister walked in and yelled “ oh my god Samantha, you’re making out with my ex....who’s six years younger than you!!!!!

”yeah sis...we’re in love. It’s not my fault you let this hunk get away.” I replied

She continued to yell and my parents were also unhappy with it but didn’t care. Chad moved his hand to my butt and gripped it as we made our way to his place as I officially moved out of my parents house. I was now chad’s much older girlfriend and I was moving in with him. It didn’t matter that I had left everything behind from when I was a guy, chad would give me everything I wanted.