Apr 4, 2018

Mirror, mirror on the wall

As I waited for my girlfriend while she tried a dress on, I decided to look around the store. "Anything I can help you with?" a cute and young woman asked me. "No thanks, I'm only waiting for my girlfriend. Plus, you only have women's clothing" I responded. "Ok, but if you feel like trying something on, let me know" she said. "What is she talking about? I just said they had women's clothes" I thought.

My girlfriend was taking a long time in the dressing room, so I decided to go ask her if everything was ok. On my way to the back of the store, I caught my reflection on the mirror. Something felt off, I mean, everything was ok, but it felt off. I could see my clean shave, and my short hair. But suddenly I felt like trying something on. I looked for the manliest jeans I could find. An impossible task, but somehow I managed.

I got myself inside a dressing room, and tried them on. They were tight as hell. The attendant then handed me some heels and a dress. "You should try these on" she said. I didn't say anything, I was ashamed my girlfriend would find out I was trying women's clothes myself.

As I put them on, I felt weird, I was a man in drag. "Step outside" the attendant said. I did as she said. I felt embarrased. "Oh god, I think you should look at yourself in the mirror again". I walked slowly towards the center of the store. As I looked at myself I realized I was right. I did look like a man in drag. She handed me a note, "read this" she said. I took a deep breath and read it outloud. "Mirror, mirror on the wall" I heard my voice change as I spoke. "show me who's the finest woman of them all". I noticed how my hand changed. I dropped the note in awe. I looked at my reflection, the man I was before was gone, replaced by a new woman.

"Be sure to keep this a secret, we don't want your ex to find out who you were" the attendant said. Amy got out of the dressing room, looking as hot as ever. "John? John?" she asked. I looked around pretending not to know who she was looking for. "Sorry, have you seen a guy here? he's my boyfriend" she asked me. I felt my heart pounding like crazy. "No.. I haven't. Wait... didn't you come here alone?" I don't know why I came up with that lie. But somehow it helped. "I guess you're right... sometimes I am silly like that" she said. "The same happens to me from time to time" I said to be a little sympathetic.

We both paid for our clothes while we talked. Somehow she seemed to have forgotten all about John. "I'm Kim by the way" I said. I couldn't believe how easily I had come up with a new name. "Amy" she responded. "If you have some time, we can go for some coffee" I said. "Sure" she said. As we walked out the store, I looked back and whispered "thank you" to the store attendant, she just smiled back.

I don't know if I am to become a lesbian, or embrace my new gender and start dating men. But in the mean time, I will become Amy's best friend.

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