Apr 23, 2018

Becoming his

"I am a man" you said in a sexy high pitched voice. "A man has no breasts" the man sitting in front of you said. "I have no breasts, I have a chiselled chest and a manly six pack" you responded. "Are you sure? look down" he instructed. You look down, to find out you do have breasts, small perky breasts.

"They aren't real, I know I am a man" you keep repeating yourself. "Men don't paint their nails pink" he said. You realize you do, in fact have pink nails. "So, you are saying there is no way back?" you ask, hoping he would tell you, you will eventually revert back. "I don't know what you are talking about Kim, you have always been a woman. And we have been dating for months now" he said. "If you are trying to break up with me, this is the worst way possible" he added.

You took a big and long breath. Trying to make sense of all of this. As you exhaled, you remember some of your life, you do remember your first date with that man. He was such a gentleman, he took you to dinner. And you ended up at his place, having a long and meaningfull conversation.

Then you remember having sex with him, and enjoying the hell out of it. "Wait, I do remember" you say. "I remember being in this room, lying down right there and smiling while you clumsily took off your pants" you couldn't believe what you were saying. "I remember being on top" and moaning like a bimbo. Your mind was being rewritten as you spoke. You took a couple of steps towards him, "I don't know why I felt like I used to be a man, but the imporant thing is I remember who I am, and who you are" you say as you feel your pussy get wet. "Now, lets go to bed and have sex again" you say as you pull him close to you. You wrap your arms around his neck, and kiss him passionately.

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