Apr 6, 2018

Practice makes perfect

Everyone thinks shapeshifting is an easy task. But it not only requires lots of concentration, but it is exhausting, and it usually leaves my body aching.

I still remember my first transformation. I had this brunette girl in mind. I was so excited that I dressed kinda girly before transforming. I put on some shorts, a long sleeve blouse. I started concentrating. I felt my chest get tight, and my body frame shrink a little. I got excited and lost concentration. So I reverted back in a couple of seconds. "Shit" I said. I felt a little dizzy, so I sat down on a stool. "I'll better start simple" I told myself.

While still sitting down, I placed my right foot on it. I looked at it and concentrated again. My leg hair started being pulled inside my body. My foot became feminine. I followed the rest of my leg with my eyes, watching it turn, as I looked at where my equipment was, I felt it get sucked into my own body, living nothing but a slit. "Wow" I said as I felt some arousal. I could feel my clit erect. I continued changing the rest of my body. My left leg, my stomach, my chest, my arms, and finally my head. "I feel like a woman" I said with my normal manly voice. I cleared my throath and said "I am a woman" with a new sexy voice.

I touched my forehead and said "This is exhausting". I stood up and walked towards the mirror. I was amazed at how sexy I was. "Perfect" I said while I did a little pose. I took a deep breath and lost my concentration again. Which reverted me back to my male form. My body aching from the quick change.

I know, it sounds near to impossible. But practice makes perfect. I tried again and again. Until I was able to hold my female form for hours.

It took weeks to actually feel ready to go out as a woman. It took me months to try making out with another girl.

I was amazed at the fact that not even having her tongue doing wonders inside my pussy made me revert back. I moaned and forced her to lick me even harder. I even got wet, which I didn't think was possible.

Anyways, I think I am ready now. I think I can try sex with a guy. I am sure I won't lose my concentration. After all I have tried several vibrating dildos and have been able to hold my cool.

So, here I am at some guys place, posing sexy for him. Hoping for him to make the first move.