Apr 23, 2018

The lucky few

This is me. I know I may look like a hottie to you. But it is hard to explain who I am. I am shapeshifter that's for sure, and right now I am a woman. However, my name, my real name used to be the same than yours, but my real name right now is James Johnson. Confusing isn't it? Well, let me start from the beginning.

I live in an alternate universe from you. An universe, where about 0.1% of the population, some lucky few, have superpowers. In that universe I was you, but I was a shapeshifter. I helped people by turning into other people. We were required to register our abilities with the government, but I kept mine a secret.

One day, I was I was posing as a woman at a big company to find out more about their shady business. That's where I met James, the CEO. At the time I didn't know he had powers himself. But I had to pretend I was Kim so I would get some info from him. He invited me to his place, and I had no choice but to agree.

I knew he expected to sleep with me, and that was no big deal, although back then I used to be mainly a guy, I had already slept with guys while pretending to be a woman. While at his place, I posed sexy, and waited for him to make the next move. While we were making out, and right before he stuck his thing inside of me, he whispered something in my ear, "I know who you are. But that won't be important anymore. In a matter of seconds you'll know what it is to be me". I didn't have time to react, as he shoved his equipment inside of me, I let out a slight moan. As he filled me up, I started to feel dizzy, and in a matter of seconds I knew what he meant.

I know I said I used to be you, and that wasn't a lie. But since that day, my mind, my memories, are that of James Johnson. Yes the man I slept with. Let me explain, he was one of the lucky few too. His power? he could make a copy of his consciousness into woman he wanted while having sex. He hit the jackpot with me. As soon as he transfered his memories to me, I came out clean. "Thanks love" I said. "So, tell me more about you" he asked me. "I am you, but I am a shapeshifter. I am the best copy you can have" I said as I transformed into him. "I can be James" I said with his voice, "or I can be a hottie named Angela" I added as I transformed into a redhead beauty.

"Together, I know we can take over the world in no time. A world of us, a world where we are all the same" I said. "And if that isn't enough?" he asked. I smiled, "We can always invade alternate universes" I said. "There isn't anything anybody is going to deny from us" I said.

That brings us to today. I think I do find it fitting the first person I transfer my consciousness to, is my very own alternate self. Don't worry, you are going to love being me.