Apr 11, 2018

Twin Dilemma

Brad gaped in astonishment at the the two girls kneeling on his sofa. They were twins, identical in every detail, except he knew they couldn't be. He knew because he had know girlfriend Tina since they were kids and he knew for a fact she was an only child. 

"Tina?" he gasped incredulous "What the fuck, who... How?"

"Oh hello sweetie" on of the girls with Tina's face said "isn't this fantastic? I always wanted a sister and now I have my very own twin."

"What are you talking about?" Brad asked "I don't understand any of this."

"I don't blame you honey" the other girl answered with exactly the same tone and inflection as the first "Jeff explained it but to be honest I didn't really understand him."

"Wait Jeff? My old college roommate Jeff?" Brad interrupted "He was here?"

"Yes" the second girl said rolling her eyes "Are you going to let me finish explaining or not?"

Brad nodded and took a seat. He knew there's no use in hurrying Tina when she was in a story telling mood, she'd get to the point in her own time.

"So anyway he was looking for you" the first girl continued "Said he'd made some kind of breakthrough with his nano-machine-wotsits."

"I've never seen him so excited." the second girl interjected

"I just had to know more and he agreed to give me a demonstration." Tina one continued

"You know Jeff he never could resist showing off to a pretty girl." Tina two giggled

"He had this machine, all chrome and glass, very Star Trek." Tina one said

"Or is it Star Wars?" mused Tina two

"Either way it obviously wasn't quite as ready as he thought because it literally blew up in our faces!" Tina one announced

"My god. Were you hurt? Are you all right?" Brad asked the Tinas 

"Oh I was fine." they reassured him "Not a scratch but poor Jeff had some pretty nasty burns. I was just about to call 911 when I saw he was actually healing in front of my eyes."

"Only the new skin didn't match up with Jeff's normal pasty colouration it was much darker." Tina one explained 

"And it didn't just cover the burned parts it spread over his whole body. "Tina two elaborated "I could hardly believe what I was seeing."

"It was the craziest thing ever" Tina one agreed "He just transformed. One minute he was my bf's nerdy buddy the next he looked exactly like me!"

"I mean exactly" Tina two emphasised "We did some checking and it's incredible. We even have that same mole on our... well you know..."

"Wait." Brad interrupts "So you are telling me one of you is Jeff?"

"Um not exactly" Tina one said "You see when "Jeff" woke up she didn't remember being Jeff at all. She thought she was really me."

"We had quite a debate about that. Lot's of asking each other very personal questions until we realised neither of us were faking, we were both Tina. In every way we could think of checking we are the same person." Tina two said

"Yeah we feel pretty bad about Jeff,  he was a nice guy" Tina one agrees "I hope he's not gone forever even if that means one of me has to stop existing for him to come back. We tried calling Jeff's lab to see if they had any idea how to fix things but they are all out of town for some conference so I don't think we'll even be able to try anything until after the weekend."

Brad was stunned. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, one of these gorgeous women was actually his friend Jeff? It seemed incredible yet he could think of any reason why they would concoct such an elaborate lie. Nor could he think how anyone could could create such a convincing duplicate of Tina. In the end he is forced to accept their fantastic story as the truth.

"So you are really Jeff?" he asked Tina two "Or you were Jeff? Is that right?"

"Um not exactly" She said "The truth is in all the excitement we kind of lost track..."

"For all we know I'm the duplicate" the other girl finished for her 

"Personally I don't think it really matters." Tina one said 

"The important thing is that right now we are your sexy horny girlfriend and we've missed you ever so much" Tina two added with a flirtatious smile 

"I'm sure you can think of all kinds of fun things to do with two of me." they both smiled and blew him simultaneous kisses.

Suddenly Brad understood why they had been sitting around in their underwear and swallowed hard. There was no question that they were all in for quite an adventure this weekend he just hoped Jeff would be okay with everything he was now imagining doing with those bodies if they ever managed to get him back.

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  1. it's a very good story.

    you imagine a man coming home after work.

    and when he opens the door of his house he is received by two identical wife.

    and that they only remember being his wife.

    but in reality they are his two little twin sons who accidentally. They were exposed to a chemical when they entered their father's laboratory while playing