Apr 26, 2018


Don't get me wrong, I love this new life of mine. I was walking on the streets of New York, when I got lost. My phone had no signal, so I just kept walking, hoping to find a cab or a familiar landscape. But after a couple of hours, I gave up. On the distance I saw a couple of girls, they were hookers no doubt. But maybe they could give me some directions.

I approached them and ask them for directions. They looked at each other, and then started touching me, and saying things like "Don't worry love", "thank god you found us". One of them kissed me, I kissed her back. They took me to the back Alley, where they took turns giving me a blowjob. For a second, I forgot I was lost, and went on with it. The moment I came, I felt a little dizzy. "What is going on?" I asked, and started to feel a little dizzy.

I fell down, and felt something cushion my fall. I couldn't stop laughing, I felt drunk. One of the girls took off all my clothes, and put a different outfit on me. I noticed something was amiss, and that my chest had swollen up. But I didn't give it much thought. "There, you are one of us now" they said. I broke off the "drunken" spell. I ran my hands up from my hips to my breasts. There was no denying it, they had transformed me into a woman.

A man showed up, "Oh I see with have new merchandise" he said refering to me. "Who are you?" I asked. "I am your pimp. 50% of whatever you make is mine. Now, time to break you" he said. I possed as sexy as I could against the wall. I wanted to be broken. I don't know if the transformation had altered my mind, or I was just curious.

I was a bimbo and a whore while we did it. We did it doggy style. I pulled down my shorts, and he shoved his thing inside of me.

Since then, I have been sharing the street with my sisters Amy and Kat. Or as they call themselves, Starshine and Norway. I love wearing wigs and applying make up, appearing to be a different girl every night. I have several clients that ask for me by name.

John, loves it when I pretend to be a rich bitch with blue hair. He loves it when I play it rough, and pretend to be his wife. I'm usually dominating his every move. Which really turns me on.

Pierre loves it when I pretend to be a red haired french woman named Loraine. And I love pretending to be her. "I am lost, will you help me" I usually say with a thick french accent when we role play. He treats me like a woman. And tells me to leave my current live. But I can't, not because I am forbidden, but because I really love being a hooker.


  1. This is a request from M. Salazar.

  2. I loved

    I liked the story a lot. thanks for creating it

    I enjoy it very much n////n

    1. Glad you liked it. I was reading the request section, and you seem to have great ideas!